Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow

Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow

Vehicle Detailing Callander GlasgowAt KGR Customs, we have over 15 years experience in vehicle detailing, and have grown to become one of Scotland’s largest detailing centres. Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow.

Maintaining your vehicle with the best practices as a vehicle owner doesn’t just allow you to enjoy the maximum performance and longevity of the vehicle, it also gives you rest and assurance as the owner. We know that car wrapping and Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow are some of the best ways to maintain your vehicle and keep it in shape, and so we decided to answer some of your most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Car Wrapping

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of changing the outlook of your car without having to respray the car with expensive car paint. It simply means covering your car partially or completely with a film made of vinyl. 

This vinyl film is usually used to overlay the car’s original colour with a different design, colour, gloss, matte finish, or simply amplify it by acting as a protective layer.

How Does A Car Wrap Function?

When wrapping a car, a layer of film coating made of plastic vinyl is used to cover the original paintwork of the vehicle. 

Car wrapping normally involves three stages, 

  • Accurately measuring the car, choosing colours, graphics or finishes to fit the car.
  • Covering the printed vinyl with a laminating film to protect it from UV damage as a result of sunlight, and other abrasions.
  • Application of the vinyl on the car.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is the art of cleaning a vehicle and restoring it to a point where it looks new. The services involved in car detailing are very much more precise and labour-intensive than just washing a car. 

When washing your car, the system is almost automated, and the exterior is almost cleaned. Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow is mostly done manually and includes both the interior and the exterior parts of the car.

Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow is the same as car detailing.

Process Of Car Detailing

Exterior Parts Of The Car Involves;

  • Washing, Drying, And Paint Claying

This process is carried out by hand. The exterior parts of the car are sprayed and wiped with specialized products. 

Any contaminants, overspray, or residue left after the car has been washed and dried are removed with the use of a clay bay to give the car a smoother surface.

  • Polishing And Sealing

This is the process of buffing abrasives onto the car to remove small layers of clear coats and other scratches. This gives the car a glossy shine. Wax can also be used instead of seals.

Interior Parts Of The Car Involves;

  • Vacuuming And Brushing

The seats, carpets, and mats are vacuumed to remove every debris. This is usually carried out to remove stains on the floor and mats.

  • Steam Cleaning And Perfuming

This is a more effective mode of removing stains on the seats. Car detailing also ensures that nice smelling deodorants are sprayed on the car to ensure it smells nice and new.

Car Wrapping Or Vehicle Detailing Callander Glasgow, Which Is Better?

Car wrapping and car detailing are two different practices. While car wrapping protects just the outer part of your car, car detailing deals with both the interior and the exterior. It is however always important to consult a professional, to help survey the needs of your car and choose which is best for you.